Who We Are?

Geyushi Motors was founded by Mr. Mohy El Din Geyushi and other partners in 1981, having 35 years of experience in the automotive industry. The company initially started with European heavy trucks importation. In 1991, Geyushi joined GM dealers network and in 1996 Geyushi Motors became the sole distributor and manufacturer of Mercedes Benz Commercial Vehicles in Egypt. Currently, Geyushi Motors specializes in selling passenger cars, micro buses, half trucks, and trucks. Finally Geyushi Motors is the Authorized agent for FAW in Egypt.

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Our Mission & Values

To design, assemble, trade and service our products. We exist from providing our customers and partners with the maximum benefit and return on their investments through strong market position, growth, governance-qualified and self-motivated team.

Our Vision

To provide cost effective and quality automotive services and products for Egypt and the region. Keeping the highest standards of honesty, integrity and professionalism. Providing value for our customers, employees, partners and shareholders.



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Message from chairman

Geyushi Motors success story has been rewarded recently by signing an exclusive agreement as FAW sole agent in Egypt. It worth mention that FAW is the first, most biggest and popular car manufacturer in China. It has been established in 1953 and it is fully owned by the Chinese Government, whereas it produces more than 3.3 million vehicles per year. According to the cooperation with FAW; Geyushi Motors is planning to assemble some of FAW products in Egypt to fulfill the needs of the local market and export to Africa and the Middle East region. 
We had a clear vision for the future of the automotive business in Egypt that inspired us to achieve the Egyptians’ dream to help them solving the hard equation of getting a better quality with affordable prices. Our success in "Geyushi Motors" is based on caring given to our employees who are shaping our biggest values, alongside with the serious responsibility towards our customers who exceeded 45,000 customers. We started with few employees, nowadays we have expert employees in different fields in Sales and After Sales supported with outstanding team of Engineers, Technicians and managers. Working hard with team-work spirit is our ultimate goal, so we can reach the outstanding results to provide the best products and services that meet our customers’ needs and assure providing distinctive After Sales services to affirm the success for all parties. Finally, Sky is our limit; we are looking forward to the best ever for our customers with close eye on reaching our goals by hard working, insisting on success and the power of working as one team.

- Mr. Mohy El Din Geyushi, Chairman, Geyushi Motors


Geyushi Motors is an automotive company that was lending a hand to the market for more than 30 years, it started with importing heavy trucks to the market in 1981, In 1991 Geyushi motors became an authorized distributor for General Motors for the small trucks, In 1996 Geyushiu Motors was the sole distributor for MCV “Egypt’s Mercedes Benz” agent and manufacturer, In 2001 to continue on the success stories, Geyushi Motors became a sole distributor for General Motors passenger cars, In 2008 Mr Mohy El Geyushi founded Geyushi Motors; the company operates as an expert agent and distributor for various representative brands, along with being a market leader in the aftersales services. In 2013 Geyushi Motors developed into more brands to distribute, through partnering with Ghabbour Auto to sell the huge brands; Hyundai, Mazda, Geely and Chery, 2013 didn’t stop on the previous, to complete the success Geyushi Motors was an authorized distributor to Suzuki, In 2015 Geyushi Motors decided to expand the prosperity and the group built up the largest showroom and service center for Opel and Chevrolet, In 2016 Geyushi Motors and FAW partnership was founded with futuristic vision, growth goals, and mutual understanding and respect. Since then Geyushi Motors invested all of its resources; financial, assets and human resources, to empower FAW’s future in not only Egypt, but the whole Middle East.